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Step by Step manual for doctoral studies

All important information about how you make it through your doctoral studies step by step.

Step 1:
Finding a First and Second Supervisor

If you want to pursue a doctorate at our faculty, the first and most important step is to find a supervisor.
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Step 2:
Application and Admission as a Doctoral Candidate

Once you have found your supervisor and are ready to start with your dissertation, we recommend that you apply to the faculty for admission as a doctoral candidate.
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Step 3:
Matriculation/Registration at Freiburg University 

It is up to you to decide whether you want to matriculate at Freiburg University as a student or whether you only want to register. ... more

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Step 4:
Individual Dissertation or Structured Ph.D. Program?

While preparing for your doctoral studies, you can start thinking about the way in which you want to pursue your doctorate. There are two possibilities:
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Step 5:
During the Doctoral Studies

During their doctoral studies, all students need to fulfill the requirements of the Ph.D. regulations. This includes the documentation of the docotral studies' process in the first year:
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Step 6:
Submitting the Dissertation

Once you have finished your dissertation, you can apply for the submission to the examination at the examination office.
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Step 7:
Thesis Defence

After the evaluation of the dissertation, the Ph.D. candidate agrees on a date for the oral examination (disputation) with the examination committee.
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Step 8:

The dissertation has to be published within one year after the disputation.
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