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Corona Information SoSe20

Compilation of temporarily provided information, date notes, announcements of the faculty and the coordinators of study programs, which are directly related to studying.

Current information about study and teaching in the summer semester 2020

The latest information of the Albert-Ludwigs-University on how to deal with the corona virus is available here:


General times for the summer semester (BSc programs of the Faculty and MSc Geology):

  • Official start of lectures: 11 May 2020, a few lectures might start before that date
  • Official end of lectures: 31 July 2020
  • The Pentecost break from 2-5 June 2020 is ommited!
  • Field courses (excursions, internships) must be postponed to late summer (September, October) if necessary


General times for the summer semester (MSc programmes of the faculty except Gelogy):

(Different regulation for the MSc programmes with a blocked module structure in the summer semester 2020: Forest Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology, MEG, REM, Geography of Global Change)

  • Start date: 20 April 2020, dates of the blocked modules remain unchanged
  • End of semester: 7 August 2020
  • The Pentecost break from 2-5 June 2020 remains!
  • Field courses (excursions, internships) must be postponed to late summer (September, October) if necessary


Special information about teaching at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Extension of examination deadlines
If examinations have been postponed due to the SARS-CoV 2 restrictions, or if examinations that have already been started have not been completed and therefore deadlines have not been met, these deadlines will be extended ex officio in order to avoid disadvantages for students (involves initial examinations, re-examinations, orientation examinations, intermediate examinations, etc. ). It is not necessary to hand in an extra application.

Leave of absence due to the effects of the Corona pandemic
If you are staying abroad and are unable to leave or enter the country due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic, or if your course of study cannot be resumed or can only be partially resumed, you can take a leave of absence for important reasons. An important reason for a leave of absence for the summer semester 2020 is the informal reference of the student to the effects of the Corona pandemic. During your leave of absence, you have the opportunity to take part in online courses and take exams.

Requirements for admission to courses, examinations during studies and for admission to theses
If, due to the restrictions, you lack the admission requirements for admission to an examination or a thesis, you can be admitted on condition that you can prove the prerequisites before the examination date/date of submission.

Detailed and further information can be found in the letters to the students:
Letter dated 3. April 2020: PDF
Letter dated 5. May 2020: PDF

Please also note further information on the pages of the Examination Office.

Further information and contacts

Please note further information on modifications of course offers on the respective website of your degree programme.

Your study programme coordinator will be happy to assist you. There are no personal consultation hours at the moment, but all of them can be reached by mail:

is ommited