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EU student exchange programme

Information and contact:

Foreign students (incomings)

Information for INCOMING students (Forestry and Environmental Sciences)

Thank you for your interest in coming to our faculty as an ERASMUS student!

How to get started

If you are a student of one of our partner faculties and would like to study at our faculty you can apply at your home university for an Erasmus placement. If your application is successful your Erasmus coordinator will nominate you and thus let us know that you wish to come .

After your nomination you will be contacted by two different offices:

  • Erasmus Office of the University = Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
    Ulrich Eckelt and team, located in the city center, Sedanstraße 4, Service Center Studium
  • Erasmus Office of the Faculty = Departmental Erasmus Coordinator
    Esther Muschelknautz (Erasmus coordinator) or Mina Kessler (assistant), located at the faculty
    Tennenbacherstraße 4, deans office,

The Erasmus office of the University is in charge of ALL Erasmus students of Freiburg University and will guide you through the application process via mobility online portal. Guidance will include information about administrative and practical matters like admisson, enrolment, housing, German courses and orientation days. As first step they will send you a link to register at the mobility-online-portal.

The Erasmus Office of the faculty will assist you with all academic aspects of your study visit: learning agreement, choice and booking of courses, transcript etc. Our first e-mail contact with you is when you send us your learning agreement for checking if the courses you have chosen are ok and for signing.


Before applying for an Erasmus grant for Germany you should check if your language skills will be sufficient for studying in German. All our Bachelor courses are taught only in German. Part of our master courses are taught in English. But also there you have to meet the language requirements. For all courses (English or German) Erasmus students have to submit a proof of language skills on the level B1.

The Language Teaching Centre (SLI) of the University of Freiburg offers free of charge language courses (grammar/speaking/writing/regional studies) for Erasmus students. Registration for courses in winter semester opens mid September, registration for summer semester opens at the beginning of March. More details at the SLI

How to find out what you can study

BACHELOR students

If you are a Bachelor student of forestry or environmental sciences you can choose courses from 2 Bachelor programmes, both taught in German. On the websites of the programmes and in the module handbooks you can see what the programmes are about and if they offer interesting courses for you. Please check:

As Bachelor student you are not allowed to take our Master courses, unless you are in a 4-year Bachelor programme and would be in your 4th year when you come to Freiburg.

MASTER students

If you are a master student with a background in forestry or environmental sciences you can choose courses from 2 master programmes, both taught in English and/or German:


In the 2 master programmes modules are organized in a sequence of 3-week blocks, (5ECTS/module) and each module ends with a graded exam (written or oral).

Please note: MSc Environmental Governance (MEG) and MSc Renewable Energy Engineering and Management (REEM) are not accessible for Erasmus students.

Application deadline (at Erasmus Office of the University)

For winter semester: June 15th

For summer semester: January 15th



Info for outgoings (students of the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources)

We thank you for your interest in a stay abroad under the ERASMUS agreements of the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources.

Application deadline

  • The application deadline for an Erasmus stay is 15 January each year for the following winter semester and the subsequent summer semester.
  • There is only this one deadline and this applies to applications for the winter semester of the current year AND for applications for the summer semester of the following year.

Who can apply

  • Any student, regardless of nationality, can apply for an Erasmus stay.
  • Students who have already received Erasmus funding during their undergraduate studies can undertake another Erasmus stay during the Master's program.

Application documents

  1. Application form (for Geography please download on the homepage)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Letter of motivation (1DIN A4 page) with reference to your first choice
  4. Transcript of records
  5. Proof of language skills


You will find information on study programmes, language requirements, etc. on the internet pages of the partner faculties. Another valuable source of information is the evaluations of former students, which you can find at Mr Eckelt's office in the central Erasmus office, Sedanstr. 6.

General information on formalities and general conditions of an ERASMUS stay can be found on the student portal: Outgoings (Freiburg students)

Information on Erasmus internships can be found at the Student Portal.


At the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, each department has its own Erasmus - partnerships and coordinators:


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