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Mathisle Mill

mathisle_huette.jpgThe Mathisle Mill (Mathisle-Mühle), built in 1798, can be found in the district of Hinterzarten and belongs to the University of Freiburg. The mill has been owned by the Müller-Fahnenberg-Foundation for 40 years and has been used by the faculty for the past 25 years as a venue for student council meetings and various seminars. The mill is part of a farmstead with the same name (Mathislehof) and was used - as its name clearly states - as a mill in former times. The farmstead was bought in 1908 by Norbert Müller and Karl Schöck, two business men from Freiburg. The heirs of Norbert Müller donated the mill and adjoining property to the University of Freiburg. 

Today, the mill is also used by students and employees of the university for recreational and leisurely activities. The mill can be rented by people affiliated with the University of Freiburg. If there is more than one application for a specific date, the Müller-Fahnenberg-Foundation will decide which group has priority. More information about costs (fees for rent and gas) can be found in the Cabin Rules.

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