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Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

In the summer semester 2021, studies and teaching will continue to operate under pandemic conditions. Important information concerning studies and teaching is collected and constantly updated on the central website of the university. Current information for the faculty's study programs in the summer semester 2021 can be found here.


The Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources comprises forest, environmental and earth sciences as well as geography and offers a range of BSc-, MSc-, and PhD degrees in these fields.

Research in the Faculty focusses on sustainable use and protection of natural resources, the adaptation of ecosystems and human-environment systems to global change, sustainable development, and natural hazards and risks.

Currently, larger research groups work on questions related to the development of a bio-based economy, on the nutrition of ecosystems, the conservation of biodiversity, and on geohazards. Employing inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, the faculty contributes to the production of scientific knowledge that connects to civil society and politics.

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