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3 Minute Thesis Competition on February 19

The faculty´s Graduate School ESGC is happy to announce the first 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) on February 19, taking place in the FRIAS Lecture Hall, Albert Straße 19. The 3MT offers doctoral students the opportunity to present their research in three minutes to an interested lay audience in both an entertaining and easily understood way. This format fits perfectly into one of the main goals of the Graduate School, which is to make the research conducted at the faculty more visible.

The 3MT events are open to the public; we encourage to you to bring your family and friends. Participants and guests are asked to arrive well before the competition starts, as access to the room will be closed during the presentations.

 The 3MT has been developed by the University of Queensland and is now used in over 600 universities across more than 65 countries worldwide. To learn more about the competition history and the general rules visit the 3MT Website