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International IUFRO Conference MeMoWood

Holzverwendung und Holzeigenschaften im 21. Jahrhundert
Wann 01.10.2013 um 00:00 bis
04.10.2013 um 00:00
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Vom 1. bis 4. Oktober 2013 findet in Nancy die International IUFRO Conference MeMoWood statt.

Chair: Prof. Marie-Pierre Laborie, PhD


Unter dem Titel “Measurement methods and Modelling approaches for predicting desirable future Wood properties” werden folgende Themen genauer beleuchtet.

Innovative methods of data acquisition: How can emerging measurement technologies of wood properties at various scales (A- and T- Lidar, tomography, microscopy etc …) efficiently provide data for modelling?   

How should we handle the sometimes huge amounts of data produced?


  • Building model chains dedicated to simulating forest/tree growth and wood quality (issues of parsimony, validation, error propagation, computing facilities ...);
  • Molecular scale modelling of wood properties;
  • Multi-scale modelling of wood properties in standing trees;
  • Predicting the impact of forest management and climate change on macroscopic wood properties;
  • Economic and environmental assessment of forest-wood chains (issues of life cycle assessment, carbon sequestration ...);
  • Model inclusion in easy-to-use decision support softwares


Abstracts sind bis 30. April 2013 einzureichen.

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