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Corona Information

The latest information of the Albert-Ludwigs-University on how to deal with the corona virus is available here:


Effects in the area of study and teaching due to the updated Corona Statutes of the University of Freiburg dated 29.01.2021

The changes affect important regulations relating to examination law. These are in particular:
- Conducting online examinations under video supervision (§ 3b para. 7 of the Corona Statutes)
- Deviation from the specified type of examination at the request of the student (§ 4 a of the Corona Statutes)
- Easier deregistration from examinations and free attempt regulations (§ 4b of the Corona Statutes)
- Extension of the processing time for written papers (§ 4c of the Corona Statutes)

Below you will find the regulations for the above-mentioned items that have been adapted by the respective faculty examination committees:

Special requirements for conducting online examinations under video supervision
With the amendment of the statutes, the examiners were basically given the possibility to offer online examinations. However, it is not possible or sensible to implement this for all examinations, and a certain amount of time is also required in advance.
If an online exam under video supervision is held in parallel to a exam in personand too many students decide to take the exam in person, students of higher semesters will be given priority to take the exam in person. If you have other compelling reasons for participating in the exam in person, you must inform the chair of the examination board in a formal letter (e.g. technical problems or cramped living conditions).

Deviation from the specified type of examination at the request of the student
If, for Corona reasons, you are unable to take an examination in the specified examination type or format, you may request a change of examination type or format in writing. The request must be promptly submitted in consultation with the respective examiner and latest on the day of the examination. The chair of the examination committee will make a decision on the application in consultation with the responsible examiner.

Easier deregistration from examinations and free attempt regulations

  • Deregistration from examinations is possible via HISinOne up to two days before the examination date.
  • Absence from the first attempt of an attendance examination (but not retake examinations) is also considered as deregistration.
  • In case of deregistration, the respective exam can only be taken again at the next regularly offered date (usually one year later), and NOT at the retake exam date! If the registration is to be maintained, students must submit an application for withdrawal from the exam to the examination office latest till the examination date, e.g. due to illness, quarantine, mobility restrictions due to Corona or other Corona-related reasons. A retake exam due to a withdrawal must take place at the next possible examination date.
  • If the examination consists of a written paper with a deadline, a failure to hand in the paper is not considered a deregistration! A paper not handed in on time will be graded with 5,0 ("not sufficient"). In special pandemic cases, an extension of the processing time for written papers can be applied for (see explanations to the point "Extension of the processing time for written papers").
  • In the case of retake examinations, the deregistration and, if applicable, the absence from the examination, if it is a examination in person, is considered as an approved withdrawal from the respective retake attempt. A new retake exam must take place at the next possible examination date.
  • In all course-related examinations after February 01, 2021, the respective failed attempt will be counted only once as not having been taken (free attempt) and will not count towards the number of possible examination attempts. This does not apply if the examination is assessed as failed due to deception or a breach of regulations. A retake must take place at the next possible opportunity (analogous to the regulations for an approved withdrawal from the examination). This regulation is valid until September 30, 2022. This regulation does not apply to Bachelor's and Master's theses and the associated examination colloquia.

Extension of the processing time for written papers
In special cases caused by the pandemic (e.g. restrictions in the use of facilities such as libraries, laboratories or archives, care situation of children or relatives in need of care, pregnancy, belonging to a risk group), you can apply for an extension of the processing time for term papers, seminar papers, bachelor's theses, master's theses and as well as for comparable written papers. The application is to submit immediately and before the end of the processing time, stating the reasons and enclosing suitable evidence. The responsible examination committee chairperson decides on the application in consultation with the respective examiner or course instructor.

Special information about teaching at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Corona-specific information from the examination office

Examinations within summer semester 2022
The aim is to conduct the examinations of the summer semester 2022 as planned and as communicated in module courses or by notice.
However, in case of a deterioration in the incidence of infection, it might be necessary to change examination forms or postpone examination dates. If this occurs, we will inform you in a timely manner. The prerequisite for the realization of on-site written examinations is that the hygiene requirements of the General SARS-CoV-2 Hygiene Regulations of the Albert-Ludwigs-University (SARS-CoV-2 University hygiene regulations), as amended, are complied with. This also includes the obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover from the time of entering university buildings, for all events in the course of study in attendance as well as for all examinations in attendance, i.e. even if less than ten people are present and for written as well as oral examinations.

Since there is still an obligation to record contact details of exam participants for tracking purposes, it is necessary that you keep the data you have indicated in the database up to date. An update of the data is possible under (HISinOne/ My Studies/ Study Service/ Contact Data/ CoronaVO § 6 for on-site events).

Orientation examination deadlines, admission requirements for courses, course-related examinations and final theses

If you were unable to meet the requirements for admission to an examination or your Bachelor/Master Thesis due to the SARS-CoV 2-related restrictions or were unable to meet the deadline for taking an orientation examination, please contact the Examination Office immediately.

Final Theses (Bachelor/Master Theses)
Registration of the final thesis
Please send the completed and signed assignment form for the final thesis by e-mail to the Examination Office.
Before registering for the final thesis, it should be clarified with the responsible supervisor that the planned topic can also be worked on under the current circumstances. By signing the assignment form, the supervisor confirms that both the current regulations and any further restrictions (further "deteriorations") imposed in the future in connection with the Corona Pandemic can be complied with when working on the topic.

Further information can be found on the website of the examination office.


Further information and contacts

Please note further information on modifications of course offers on the respective website of your degree programme.

Your study programme coordinator will be happy to assist you. There are no personal consultation hours at the moment, but all of them can be reached by mail: