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Information about academic mid-level

Who belongs to the "Mittelbau"?

Research assistants at our university are employees or civil servants who carry out scientific activities within their field of work. As a rule, such employees are assigned to a more highly qualified scientist, usually a professor.

The majority of the so-called "academic mid-level staff" has temporary employment contracts, financed either directly by the university (e.g. assistantships) or third-party funded projects. In many cases, research assistants are young scientists who are working on their doctorate or habilitation. In addition to their research activities, mid-level faculty staff are also involved in teaching. On average, the number of research assistants at the faculty varies between 200 and 250.

Thus, scholarship holders who are doing their doctorate with us and do not have a contract with the university administration are not formally part of the Mittelbau.


How is the Mittelbau involved in our faculty?

The special interests of the Mittelbau are represented by representatives in committees and commissions within the framework of university self-administration. The representatives for the "Great Faculty Council" are elected directly by the Mittelbau every four years. Currently these are:

Herbstritt, Barbara

Ulmer, Heike

von Detten, Roderich

All other candidates for the various committees will be determined via circular mails or in mid-term meetings. The Faculty Council then decides on the composition of the committees. So far, however, no proposal from the Mittelbau has been rejected.


How can I participate?

All academic staff members are invited to actively participate in the life and developments of our faculty.

A good place to start is to register for the Mittelbau email distribution list by sending an email to:

Please use your "" email address. After registration and approval you may have to confirm again by replying to the confirmation request email.

If you think this might be too much for you, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to:


Note that the Mittelbau list covers mainly academic employees (postdocs etc.) who are not represented by the status group of Doctoral candidates / PhD students. Junior professors, on the other hand, are also represented by the Mittelbau status group in committees etc. and should thus register for this email list.


The Mittelbau meets 3 - 4 times per semester. Generally, the meetings are held on the Friday before the Faculty Council meetings. Separate invitations to the Mittelbau meetings will be sent out via the email distribution list.